Preliminary Agenda for April 1, 2015 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

March 30th, 2015
  1. Call to Order by Chairman Formey
  2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting             March 11, 2015
  3. Recognition of Visitors
  4. Historical Highlights
  5. Notable Mentions                                            AAAE GIS Conference 2015   St. Patrick’s Day- Lucky to Be SAV    


  1. Length of Service Awards                                 Mark Arnsdorff            5 Years      Paul Dunn                    10 Years  Earl Wilkins                 35 Years



  1. Request approval to sponsor the F. Russell Hoyt National Airports Conference (NAC) at the Host Airport Sponsorship Level, $40,000.00
  2. Request approval to purchase One (1) Pick-Up Truck from OC Welch Ford, $30,097.00
  3. Request approval to purchase Two (2) Full Size SUV’s from JC Lewis Ford, $59,586.00
  4. Request approval to purchase Two (2) Mid-Size SUV’s from OC Welch Ford, $57,930.00
  5. Request approval of Final Summary Change Order No. 4 with R.B. Baker Construction on the Runway 1 Perimeter Road and Add Two AOA Gates project, $14,655.05 (additive amount)
  6. Request approval of Task Order No. 9 with URS Corporation Southern (AECOM) for Groove Runway 1-19 Project, $31,045.00
  7. Request approval of Task Order No. 10 with URS Corporation Southern (AECOM) for the Seal Coat Runway 10-28 Asphalt Sections and Apron Shoulders Project, $26,655.00
  8. Request approval to Execute Amendment No. Two to Land Lease Agreement, North Aviation Development Land Lease with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.
  9. Request approval to Execute Airline Lease and Operating Agreement with Allegiant Travel Company d/b/a Allegiant Air.
  10. Request approval to Execute Amendment no. One to Space Lease Agreement with Societe Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautiques d/b/a SITA.
  11. Request approval to Execute Amendment No. 12 to Concession and Space Lease Agreement with Paradies Savannah, LLC.
  12. Request approval to Renew Insurance Policies with USI Insurance Services.
  13. Request conditional approval to enter into a service agreement with Hargray, Inc. to install, operate and maintain new internet bandwidth services and public Wi-Fi system.



  1. Landscape Concepts
  2. Taxi Ordinance Update
  3. Calendar of Upcoming Events
  4. Executive Session: Personnel And Real Estate*
  5. Adjourn