Preliminary Agenda for April 11, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

April 9th, 2012


April 11, 2012

1.            Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.            Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting  -  March 7, 2012

3.            Recognition of Visitors

4.            Introduction of Meghan Dunn, SSU Management Intern



5.            Approve Change Order # 6 for the Video Surveillance System (VSS) Project in the amount of $36,022.99. The scope of change order #6 involves extending fiber from the server room (ammo room) to the SAC network area near elevator 3 on the third floor of the SAC offices. This will include a patch panel to tie into the VSS network. An existing 3750 Cisco switch will be located in a wall mounted rack for the purpose of terminating fiber in the SAC server room. A UPS is included in the scope of the project to provide a spare power supply to the switch. Fiber will be extended to the Landside Mgrs. office and connected to a workstation for the VSS system. Additional fibers will be provided for the installation of two Pelco 5200 workstations. The original funding amount for VSS was $922,520.

6.            Approve Airways Avenue and Gulfstream Main Entrance, City of Savannah Event No. 284, $99,487. Request approval to enter into a contract with Clifton Construction, Inc. in the amount of $99,487 for the Airways Avenue and Gulfstream Main Entrance project. This project consists of the construction of approximately 150 lf of cross connector roadway which will include but not be limited to:  excavation and embankment, grading, asphalt, marking, signage, sodding, seeding, tree relocation, and other items associated with roadway construction. Budget:  $194,594


(E)  Clifton Construction, Inc.

Garden City, GA

$  99,487.00

(D) Carroll & Carroll, Inc.

Savannah, GA


(D ) Baker Infrastructure Group, Inc.

Garden City, GA


(E)  E & D Contracting Services

Savannah, GA


(D) Seaboard Construction

Brunswick, GA


(D) Indicates non-local non-minority,(E) Indicates Woman owned

7.            Approve Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Letter of Support for Firth Rixson. Firth Rixson is an aircraft parts manufacturer that is requesting FTZ status under FTZ 104. They anticipate an increase in hiring for skilled trades in the very near future in preparation for FTZ status.

8.            Execute Concession and Lease Agreement with Zoom Systems. ZOOM Systems has requested to lease approximately 28 square feet of space in the terminal concourse, in a specially-created area across from Sam Adams’ and Burger King. ZOOM will install an automated retail unit which will dispense a variety of electronic products sold by Best Buy. These automated retail units have been highly successful in a number of airports across the country. ZOOM Systems estimates that the first year’s retail sales may be approximately $144,000 with payment to the Airport of a 7% commission on all sales. The agreement commences upon execution and terminates on March 31, 2013, with automatic annual renewals thereafter.


9.            Approve and Execute Comfort Letter with EKTA Associates, Inc., d/b/a Airport Shell. The owner of the Airport Shell station is refinancing the facility. The new lender is requiring the execution of a Comfort Letter. The tenant’s attorney was provided with the Commission’s standard approved format for this request.

10.            Approve SAC Employee Health Benefits with Consumers Life. In an effort to contain medical cost creep, Staff has obtained external quotes on a new medical benefits policy through SAC’s insurance broker Seacrest Partners. As a result of this search, Seacrest has received a quote from Consumers Life, a Medical Mutual Company which could save the Savannah Airport Commission and its employees over $455,000 in its first year. The quote expires July 1, 2012. Based on the potential savings, Staff recommends approval.

11.            Request approval of purchase of two midsize 4WD SUV’s (Event number  325-1) from J.C. Lewis Ford in the amount of $48,170.72. The units will be used primarily by the Airfield Operations Manager and the Airport Security Coordinator and will replace unit #20 –2008 Ford Explorer and unit #21 – 2007 Ford Explorer.  The 2012 budget amount is $60,000.  Pricing includes 3 year / 36,000 mile bumper to bumper and 5 year / 60,000 mile powertrain warranty. Specifications were sent to 34 City of Savannah approved suppliers, with J.C. Lewis submitting the only bid. Included in the non-bidding companies were local suppliers Dan Vaden Chevrolet and O.C. Welch Ford.


12.            Finance Update

13.            Step ‘n Wash

14.            Air Service Initiative Committee

15.            Calendar of Upcoming Events

April 9-15


RBC/Heritage Hilton Head Island

April 16-22



April 22-24


ACI-NA Airport Board Member & Commissioners Annual Conference - Pasadena

May 2

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

May 3-7


Savannah Tall Ships Challenge

May 20-22  SEC AAAE Conference - Savannah

May 20

6-7:30 pm

Opening Reception With Exhibitors

May 21

9-9:15 am

Opening Ceremonies

May 22

6-10:30 pm

Host Event

June 6

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

June 9-13


AMAC Conference - St Louis

July 11

9:00 am

SAC Meeting




16.            Executive Session – Personnel & Property

17.            Adjourn