Preliminary Agenda for February 1, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

January 25th, 2012


February 1, 2012

1.           Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.           Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting  ~  January 4, 2012

3.           Recognition of Visitors

4.           Presentation of First In Service Awards:

Jody Sullivan, US Airways

5.           Presentation of Length of Service Awards:

Frank Kennedy, 5 Years


6.           Approve Estoppel Certificate for Hangar Partners, LLC.Hangar Partners requests that the Commission approve an Estoppel Certificate for their lender for leased premises at the airport. Hangar Partners’ leased property contains approximately 4.275 acres in the southwest quadrant, and was leased in September 2007. Both the lease and rent payments are current. Recommend approval.


7.           Approve Hotel Amendment for Savannah Airport Hotels, Inc., dba Candlewood Suites. This amendment changes the due date for annual certified statements to April 30. To date, ten Aviation Village hotels have submitted their executed amendments to SAC. Recommend approval.


8.           Approve Installation of Georgia Lottery Vending Machines. As requested, Staff has researched the installation of Georgia Lottery Vending Machines in Public Buildings and according to our research; the only public building with lottery machines is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Staff is considering the installation of at least two types of lottery machines in the terminal building, with one or more in the designated concourse space. Staff requests approval to negotiate a contract with the Georgia Lottery for vending machines. Recommend approval.


9.           Approve Purchase of Passenger Boarding Bridge Ball Screw Replacements in the Amount of $42,573.46. Staff has programmed to replace three sets of ball screws (vertical lift) on three passenger boarding bridges (4, 5 and 6) this year as a life cycle replacement. The units are the original ball screws and are approximately 18 years old and are in constant use. The price includes required materials and travel expenses for a John Bean Technologies Manufacturer Representative to be on site to assist in the replacement of the ball screws. John Bean Technologies is the manufacturer and sole source provider for the required replacement parts. The 2012 budgeted amount is $45,000. Recommend approval.


10.        Approve Purchase and Installation of York Air Handler Unit 3-3 (APD) with Up-Sized Replacement in the Amount of $31,936. Additional video surveillance equipment has been added to the Airport Police Department which has increased the heat load in this area. Due to the increased heat loads, air handler unit (AHU) 3-3 is unable to maintain the required constant temperature. To maintain continuity, a replacement York Air Handler Unit which has been engineered and upsized by 25% of the original design capacity has been budgeted to replace the existing unit. The price includes all material and labor to install the replacement AHU. Johnson Controls, Inc. is the York manufacturer and sole source provider. The 2012 budgeted amount is $28,000. Recommend approval.


11.        Approve Purchase and Installation of York Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Chiller Retrofit in the amount of $121,932. The Terminal has three equal 750 ton centrifugal chillers that do not allow for low load conditions. During the winter months, there are several areas that call for cooling, such as the Airport Police Department. The current chiller setup only allows the chillers to run at 40% of their run capacity which is drawing high amperage resulting in increased energy cost. Under these conditions, the chillers are constantly surging causing premature wear and tear resulting in equipment failure. By installing the York OEM VSD Chiller Retrofit on one chiller, the chiller can be operated at 10% run capacity with less amperage draw resulting in decreased energy cost. Surging is also eliminated resulting in a significant reduction of premature wear and tear. The fee includes all time and material to install the York OEM VSD Driver Chiller Retrofit from Johnson Controls, Inc. who is the manufacturer and sole source provider. The 2012 budgeted amount is $122,000. Recommend approval.


12.        Approve Resolutions for Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 104 Service Area Expansion and to Support the John Deere Project.John Deere has requested that FTZ 104 be the Grantee of their interests in Columbia and Richmond Counties in Georgia. This is a major expansion for FTZ 104 and the target date for commencement of operations is April 1, 2012. The first Resolution is to expand the FTZ 104 service area. The second is to support the John Deere project. Recommend approval.


13.        Approval Personal Time Off (PTO). As requested, Executive Director Graham and Director of Administration and Finance John Rauback met with Dick Evans, Finance Director for the City of Savannah and Beth Robinson, Human Resources Director for the City, concerning Staff’s proposal to the Commission to change the current policy concerning vacation and sick leave to PTO.


The proposed policy was reviewed with Mr. Evans and Mrs. Robinson and both indicated that the new policy would in no way affect any employee involvement in the City Retirement Program now or in the future. Mr. Evans indicated that the same conversion rate of 173.33 hours for one month of service could be used if any employee elected to add their PTO balance to the Retirement Program. Both indicated that they had tried approximately eight years ago to change the City’s policy but were unsuccessful. They also indicated that if SAC changes its policy, they will look at theirs again. Therefore, Staff is again requesting to change our leave policy to the PTO structure outlined below:


0 – 4 years                 Paid Time Off – 14 hours per month

5 – 9 years                 Paid Time Off – 15.5 hours per month

10 – 14 years                        Paid Time Off – 18 hours per month

15 – 19 years                        Paid Time Off – 19.5 hours per month

20 – 24 years                        Paid Time Off – 20.5 hours per month

25 + years                  Paid Time Off – 21.5 hours per month


  • Maximum accrual is 750 PTO hours.
  • Annual review (December 31) of employee PTO accounts.
  • Any employee with more than 750 hours in their account will have their account adjusted to bring them to the maximum allowed.
  • This amount will allow employees to remain in a pay status until Long Term Disability is effective should they be injured or in an accident.
  • At the time of retirement, employees will be allowed to use their PTO balance and any sick leave they may have accrued prior to January 1, 2012, towards retirement.
  • Employees may also elect to be paid for any balance in their PTO account at the time of separation/retirement.




14.        Retail Space Follow-up

15.        Air Service Update

a.    Gate Guru Travel Application

b.    American Eagle

c.    United/Continental Merger

16.        North Aviation Development Production Piles

17.        Calendar of Upcoming Events

Mar 7

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Mar 14-16


AAAE/ACI-NA Washington Legislative Conference

April 4

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

April 9-15


RBC/Heritage Hilton Head Island

April 16-22



May 2

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

May 20-22


SEC AAAE Conference - Savannah

June 6

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

*July 3

9:00 am

SAC Meeting



* note change of date





18.        Adjourn