Preliminary Agenda for March 1, 2017, Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

February 27th, 2017
  1. Call to Order by Chairman Green
  2. Approve Minutes of February 1, 2017, meeting
  3. Recognition of Visitors
  4. Historical Highlights
  5. Length of Service Award(s)
  6. Recommend Approval of New Airline Rates for Low Volume Airlines
  7. Recommend Approval to Execute Comfort Letter to Savannah Airport Hotels, Inc. d/b/a Candlewood Suites
  8. Recommend Approval to Provide an Estoppel Agreement for Liberty Air Ventures, LLC d/b/a Sheltair Aviation
  9. Recommend Approval to Conditionally Execute Amendment No. 1 to Land Lease with Savannah Airport Lodging, LLC
  10. Recommend Approval to Purchase a 2017 Four Door Pick Up Truck from Wade Ford, in the amount of $25,586.00
  11. Recommend Approval to Purchase a 2017 Police Interceptor from JC Lewis Ford, in the amount of $26,277.28
  12. Proposed New Retirement / Medical Plan
  13. TSA Checkpoint Expansion
  14. ACI-NA - AAAE Legislative Conference Update
  15. Calendar of Upcoming Events
  16. Executive Session – Personnel and Real Estate
  17. Adjourn