Preliminary Agenda for March 7, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

March 2nd, 2012


March 7, 2012

1. Call to Order by Chairman Formey
2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting - February 1, 2012
3. Recognition of Visitors
4. Presentation of First In Service Awards:
Darryl Mathis, Delta Global Services
5. Presentation of Length of Service Awards:
Tammy Clark – 15 Years

6. Approve Participation in the Visit Savannah Advertising Campaign in the Amount of $120,000. Visit Savannah has entered into an agreement with Travelocity for a spring/summer co-op advertising campaign. The campaign will highlight SAV and will be marketed to nonstop destinations. Visit Savannah has found the Travelocity partnership is one of their highest ROI expenditures and offers measurable results. The campaign is scheduled to launch the end of May and will run 4 to 6 months. The total amount budgeted and requested is $120,000.

7. Terminate Land Lease Agreement with Quality Self-Service Fuels, Inc. The original land lease agreement for the self-service aviation fuel facility was signed in September of 2002. Since then, the facility has changed hands several times, with Mr. John Ubele acquiring it on January 1, 2007. Over the last two years, Mr. Ubele has experienced difficulties maintaining the facility, requiring staff to write numerous letters of default. Mr. Ubele is $928.20 behind in his monthly fixed land lease payments for the months of July 2011 – January 2012. In addition, Mr. Ubele agreed to an amortization of the expenses incurred by the Commission for Apron improvements to the facility, with monthly payments to the Commission of $351.22. The amortization schedule will not be paid in full until May 1, 2018. The balance due on the amortization at this time is $23,272.80 with $2,809.76 past due. Mr. Ubele indicated he wishes the contract be permanently terminated. The agreement’s initial (current) term ends July 31, 2013.

8. Approve Contract with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. At the February Commission meeting, the Commission requested that before authorization is granted to permit the installation of lottery machines as an Airport concession, a courtesy notification be given to City Council to advise them of the Commission’s intent. A letter was sent to Mayor Edna Jackson, and no objections have been received. As such, Staff is prepared to proceed with the execution of contract documents with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. The initial one-year contract will commence April 1, 2012, ending March 31, 2013. The contract may be canceled at any time with a 20-day notice. The Lottery Corporation will pay 6% of revenues to the Commission. Staff recommends installation of one automated vending lottery unit in the concourse between gates #4 and #5 (across from Burger King), and two machines in the level one baggage claim area.

9. Execute Amendment #2 to the Land Lease Agreement (Southwest Quadrant) with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. Gulfstream has requested to lease two additional parcels of land. This amendment was presented to the Commission and approved at the meeting held in May 2011, but there have been modifications to the amount of acreage to be leased. The first parcel is located in the northeast quadrant of the airport, adjacent to Gulfstream’s main facility, and is comprised of approximately 4.59 acres. Part of this parcel was a former runway 5/23 that is no longer used by the Airport. The second parcel is approximately 19,613 square feet of ramp space located in the southeast quadrant adjacent to ramp space leased by Signature Flight Support. Gulfstream is leasing the area adjacent to this requested ramp space from Signature. Both parcels are to be added to Gulfstream’s lease for their service operations facility in the southwest quadrant, beginning as of March 1, 2012, with a termination date of July, 2057, except that Gulfstream added a provision allowing for a possible early termination of the 19,613 sf of ramp space. Gulfstream will pay as rent $16,065 annually ($1,338.75 per month) for the 4.59-acre parcel and $3,530.34 annually ($294.20 per month) for the ramp space.

10. Approve Amendment No. 1 to Space Lease Agreement (Bay #6, Air Cargo Building) with Logistics Group, Inc. Logistics Group, Inc., currently leases approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of Bay #6 in the Air Cargo Building. They have requested to reduce the size of the leased space by approximately one-half as they no longer need the entire bay. This amendment provides for reducing their leased space in Bay #6 to approximately 1,500 square feet. They will pay monthly rent for this space of $750 effective February 1, 2012.

11. Approve Operations Agreement with Wiggins Airways. Wiggins Airways has advised the Commission that they are taking over the operations formerly provided by Air Now (Business Air). They will be handling the cargo shipments for United Parcel Service (UPS) at the Airport. Their operations are scheduled to begin March 6, 2012. The Agreement will end December 31, 2012, and automatically renew on an annual basis. Wiggins will pay landing fees only.

12. Approve Utility Easement with Georgia Power Company for Georgia Air National Guard. The Georgia Air National Guard's leased property on Mikell Road requires additional electrical service from Georgia Power Company. To comply, Georgia Power must run additional underground lines to an area that is not presently covered by a Utility Easement Agreement with Georgia Power. Staff is requesting that the Commission execute the Underground Utility Easement Agreement with Georgia Power so the utility lines can be connected. This Easement Agreement is the standard approved Utility Easement form that SAC has executed several times in the past for airport tenants.

13. Request Approval to Reduce Insurance Coverage on the Airport Business Center. The Airport Business Center is presently insured for $17 million with an annual premium of approximately $31,875. Due to its age, the Business Center would not be rebuilt as is in the event of a loss. Therefore, Staff is requesting to reduce the coverage amount of insurance to $5 million dollars which would save approximately $20,000 annually in premiums for the property. The $5 million cash proceeds would then be used at the Commission’s discretion to build a new facility for the current tenant in the event of a loss. The demolition and debris removal would be covered under the policy and would not reduce the $5 million cash value. Recommend approval.

14. Approve Airport IT Upgrade Phase IV (Internet Fiber) - URS Corporation $39,712. In response to growing demands and technological advances, Staff has programmed to upgrade the SAC network infrastructure in 2012. This upgrade consists of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), complementary Wi-Fi service, and a new IP based telephone system. In order to ensure that proper data throughput is available for these new systems, the fiber broadband services must be upgraded. In its current state, the SAC network operates on a total of 2 bonded T1 lines that support all airport systems. Each T1 line is capable of handling 1.54Mbs for a total connection speed of 3Mbs. To explain this more clearly 1.54Mbs can reasonably support approximately 50-100 users on a network. SAC currently has 3Mbs and peaks at approximately 100-200 users. Each of the new systems could easily consume this throughput (200 users) by themselves. By installing new fiber broadband services, the Airport would increase its throughput from 3Mps to speeds of 10Gbs (30,000Mbs) or more depending on network requirements. Upgrading the broadband service not only provides the speeds needed for the new systems, but also ensures that adequate throughput is available for any future expansion. URS is SAC’s Engineer of Record and has qualified staff to perform the design and implementation services associated with the new internet fiber system. The 2012 budgeted amount for the entire project is $50,000.

15. Approve Purchase of a Thirty-two Passenger Bus, Including 2 Wheel Chair with ADA Compliant Lift from Bus Services in the amount of $101,718. Operations has programmed to replace the existing 1995 twenty-seven passenger bus (purchased used) due to life cycle and unreliability. The bus is necessary for passenger deployment in the event of an airfield emergency and will also be used by Marketing for group tours. $100,000 was budgeted for this purchase. Bids were submitted through the City of Savannah. The following bids were received: 

Bus Services Inc. $101,718
National Bus Sales $111,073

16. Rental Car Company Booths, City of Savannah Event No. 192. Approve bid for Rental Car Company Booths project. This project consists of providing all labor and materials to furnish and install seven (7) pre-fabricated booths at the north and south rental car lots which will include, but not be limited to, asphalt demolition, concrete construction, and electrical service to each respective booth per the plans and specifications. Bids will be opened on March 6th and low bidder will be presented at the meeting. Budget: $140, 000

17. Update Level 2 Restrooms Floor Tile and Countertops, City of Savannah Event No. 193, Approve bid for Update Level 2 Restrooms Floor Tile and Countertops Project. This project consists of, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor and materials to replace floor tile, countertops, and fixtures in restrooms as shown on the plans and specifications. Bids will be opened on March 6th and low bidder will be presented at the meeting. Budget: $150,000

18. Amendment No. 1 to Supplemental Agreement No. 12 with URS Corporation Southern, $74,730. This assignment consists of conducting an Aeronautical Survey for runways 1/19 and 10/28 in accordance with FAA guidelines and revising all airspace drawings contained in the current Airport Layout Plan Drawing Set using the obstruction data derived from the survey. The scope of services consists of two tasks: (1) Conduct Aeronautical Survey; (2) Update ALP Airspace Drawings.

19. Approve FAA Design Review Reimbursable Agreement for Midfield RVR - $30,000. This Agreement provides funding for FAA services required to perform review of a design package, including drawings and specifications, provided by SAC for the establishment of an FAA NAVAID facility (a Midfield RVR) at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. Review will be to ensure conformance to FAA design standards. No government furnished equipment or implementation services will be provided under this Agreement. If required, the FAA and SAC will enter into a separate agreement to cover the implementation of the project. The fully-loaded estimated FAA cost associated with this Agreement is $30, 000.00. SAC is required by FAA to prepay the entire estimated cost of the Agreement. The cost estimates contained in the Agreement are expected to be the maximum costs associated with this Agreement, but may be modified to recover the FAA’s actual costs. RVR project budget is PFC $613,352. Recommend approval subject to approval by the City Attorney.

20. Approve Amendment No. 1 to Intergovernmental Agreement Between Chatham County and the Savannah Airport Commission to Construct Drainage Improvements on a Portion of Pipemakers Canal on Airport Property. Chatham County is constructing improvements to Pipemakers Canal to lessen county-wide flooding problems. A portion of Pipemakers Canal is on airport property, and part of it crosses a section of the airfield. While the construction is underway, the airport asked the County to move the canal off of the airfield to meet FAA requirements. The County agreed provided the airport/FAA paid the additional costs for moving the canal. FAA agreed and this project is in our ACIP. An Intergovernmental Agreement was made and entered into on June 25, 2004, between Chatham County and the airport to allow the County to do the work on airport property and for the airport to provide the additional funding to the County for the changes to comply with FAA regulations. The IGA required the County to relocate the airfield security fence and FAA NAVAID cables as part of their contract and the airport was required to buy the wetlands mitigation credits. Since that time, Chatham County has developed their own mitigation bank and can provide wetlands mitigation credits at less cost. Therefore, Amendment No. 1 to the IGA will stipulate that Chatham County provide the wetlands mitigation instead of the airport and that the airport relocate the airfield security fence and FAA NAVAID cables instead of Chatham County; the cost to each party is estimated to be equivalent, so there will be no change in funding arrangements.

21. Topcon Hi Per II Base and Rover Package - $28,665. Approve sole source purchase of a Topcon Hi Per II Base and Rover Package survey grade GPS System with associated appurtenances in the amount of $28,665.00 with Georgia Surveyors Exchange Company. Airport Engineering performs multiple inspections throughout the year which include Runway and Taxiway pavement, drainage, and roadways. This GPS tracking and data collection system will allow Airport Engineering the means by which to accurately locate and catalog with photographs any issue found during these inspections. In addition, the system will be instrumental in corroborating as built conditions, within inches, on capital projects as well as creating as built plans for Operations and Maintenance. FAA Draft AC 150/5300-19 Airport Data and Information Program, when enacted, will require all level III airports to create a Geographic Information System (GIS) database depicting certain aspects of the Airport. This data would be managed by the Airport Operator and shared with the FAA and aviation community in order to encourage and promote airport safety. Some of the data collected would include information regarding the physical infrastructure from the Airport such as elevations of navigational aids, objects located in the approach and departure areas, runway critical points with elevations, and so forth. The Topcon Hi Per II would be able to transfer any collected data to Engineering’s AutoCAD software and a number of other programmed sources. There are two reasons why this product is sole sourced. Georgia Surveyors Exchange Company, Inc. is the sole distributor of TPS products in this region and their agreement with Topcon precludes any other supplier to compete within that region. Finally, the main reason for purchasing the Topcon Hi Per II system is that it is fully compatible with SAC Engineering’s Topcon Total Station which allows the GPS equipment to integrate with the survey equipment. The 2012 budgeted amount is $30,000. 

22. Employee Health Benefits

23. Calendar of Upcoming Events
Mar 14-16 AAAE/ACI-NA Washington Legislative Conference
April 4 9:00 am SAC Meeting
April 9-15 RBC/Heritage Hilton Head Island 
April 16-22 Legends/Savannah 
May 2 9:00 am SAC Meeting
May 3-7 Savannah Tall Ships Challenge 
May 20-22 SEC AAAE Conference - Savannah
June 6 9:00 am SAC Meeting
June 9-13 AMAC Conference - St Louis
July 11 9:00 am SAC Meeting 

24. Executive Session - Personnel
25. Adjourn