Preliminary Agenda for May 4, 2016, Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

April 29th, 2016
  1.      Call to Order by Chairman Green
  2.      Approve Minutes of April 6, 2016, Meeting
  3.      Recognition of Visitors
  4.      Historical Highlights
  5.      Length of Service Awards
  6.      Recommend Approval for Parking Guidance System Upgrade Phase I with SoniPark, $192,372.34
  7.      Recommend approval of a Contract with Woolpert, Inc. for the Implementation of City Works Asset Management System, $152,713.89
  8.      Recommend Approval of the Savannah Airport Commission’s Revised Credit Card Policy and Implementation of the SunTrust Purchasing Card Program
  9.      Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. Four to Use and Lease Agreement with Verizon Wireless of the East, LP
  10.   Recommend Approval to Execute Estoppel Letter for Coastal Hospitality, LLC d/b/a Country Inn and Suites
  11.   Recommend Approval to Execute New Disaster Staging Agreement with Georgia Power Company
  12.   Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. Three to Lease and Concession Agreement with Host International, Inc.
  13.   Recommend Approval to Renew Contract with Woodward and Associates, $48,000.00
  14.   Recommend Approval to Renew Contract with Hurt, Norton, and Associates, $84,000.00
  15.   Recommend Approval of a Contract with Woolpert Inc., $92,941.00
  16.   Recommend Approval to Participate in the Visit Savannah Advertising Campaign, $150,000.00
  17.   New City of Savannah Downtown Signage
  18.   Environmental Covenant Agreement with EPD and Gulfstream
  19.   Calendar of Upcoming Events
  20.   Executive Session –Real Estate
  21.   Adjourn