Preliminary Agenda for September 3, 2015 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

August 28th, 2015


September 3, 2015

1.     Call to Order by Chairman Formey
2.     Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting             August 5, 2015
3.     Recognition of Visitors
4.   Length of Service Awards                                 


5.     Recommend Approval to Execute Supplemental Lease Agreement to Lease for FAA-MISO Space.
6.     Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. Four to Land Lease Agreement (SW Quad executed February, 2006) with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.
7.     Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. 6 to Lease Agreement with Liberty Air Ventures, LLC d/b/a SheltAir.
8.     Recommend Approval to Execute Space Lease Agreement with Air Cargo Carriers, Inc.
9.     Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. One to Space Lease Concession Agreement with Real Food International, LLC d/b/a Tapia Cigars
10.  Recommend Approval to Purchase One (1) John Deere Tractor and One (1) Maverick II Boom for Airfield Operations from Flint Equipment Company in the amount of $162,000.00.
11.  Recommend Approval to Purchase a New Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) System from Carolina Time & Parking Group, $94,226.00
12.  Recommend Approval to Procure Three (3) Passenger Boarding Bridges from JBT AeroTech in the amount of $2,319,347.00.
13.  Recommend Approval for Purchase of One (1) Ford Explorer Police Interceptor from J.C. Lewis Ford in the amount of $25,762.00
14.  Recommend Approval of Contract with Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC, for the Groove Runway 1-19 Project, in the amount of $358,399.90.
15.  Recommend Approval for Reimbursement for Hazardous Material Testing and Abatement, Airport Business Center, in an amount not to exceed $202,499.75.
16.  Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. 1 to Task Order No. 13 with URS (AECOM) for design of Taxiway Connector E-1 in the amount of $37,602.00


17.  Legislative Update
18.  Calendar of Upcoming Events
19.  Executive Session – Personnel and Real Estate*
20.  Adjourn