Preliminary Agenda set August 14, 2013 Savannah Airport Commission

August 9th, 2013


August 14, 2013


1.            Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.            Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – July 10, 2013

3.            Recognition of Visitors

4.            Length of Service Award(s):   Gerald Owens – 10 years.



5.            Execute Land Lease Agreement with Southern Aviation Parts & Service, LLC. Southern Aviation has requested to lease approximately 1.46+ acres located on the existing apron to the immediate north of the Airport Business Center for construction of an aircraft commercial operations hangar. The lease will begin on the execution date of the agreement and continue for three years from Date of Beneficial Occupancy with annual renewal options thereafter. Southern Aviation Parts & Service will pay rent in the amount of $14,600 annually, which is $1,216.67 per month. 


6.            Execute Easement Agreement with Georgia Power Company. Georgia Power has requested an Underground Easement Agreement for the purpose of providing electrical power to the new RVR location to be installed near Eddie Jungemann Drive. The document proposed is our standard easement agreement.


7.            Execute Amendment No. 3 to Space Lease Agreement Productivity Air, LLC. Productivity Air has requested that the lease for their office space at the Airport Business Center be amended as of August 31, 2013, releasing the existing office space on the second floor. They request that the retail space leased under this same agreement on the first floor be continued, but on a month-to-month basis. The original Space Lease Agreement terminated as of July 31, 2013. This amendment would take effect as of August 1, 2013.  The new monthly rent for the premises in the Airport Business Center will now be for 988 square feet of space for a total monthly rent of $411.67. 


8.            Approve Appointment of Assistant Corporate Secretary. With the advancement of Mr. Kelly to Corporate Secretary of the Savannah Airport Commission, an Assistant Corporate Secretary needs to be named to attest documents in his absence. Staff recommends Director of Finance and Administration John Rauback for this position and requests the approval of the Commission.


9.            Approve Early Termination of Air Tran Reservations Lease Agreement. In April, Air Tran Reservations submitted a notice of intent to vacate the leased premises in the Air Cargo Building. Effective July 31, 2013, Air Tran ceased operations and closed the offices. Because their lease agreement does not end until February 28, 2014, they have offered to negotiate the exchange of certain articles of furniture and equipment, including a generator, if the Commission would allow early termination of their lease. Air Tran’s original lease agreement was executed in January 1995, and they have been good tenants for over 18 years. The rent for the period of August 1, 2013, through February 28, 2014, would be approximately $40,600. The furniture and equipment they will leave behind will offset a percentage of the lost revenue. 


10.         Execute Landlord’s Waiver and Consent with Mainstream Hotel Group, Inc. d/b/a Hawthorn Suites. Mainstream Hotel Group is currently in the process of changing their franchise from Hawthorn Suites to Hyatt Place. As part of the process, they are refurbishing and renovating the facility to meet Hyatt standards. The owners have requested that the Commission provide a Landlord’s Waiver and Consent form to the lending agent who is providing funding for their new furnishings and equipment. Staff requests that the Commission approve the execution of this document pending the approval of its content by the Commission Attorney.


11.         Approve Purchase of Two Replacement Runway Lighting Regulators from KM Allen Enterprises in the amount of $45,731.95. KM Allen Enterprises will provide one 6.6 amp regulator ($17,159.66) to replace the ADB regulator that powers Runway 10 touchdown zone lighting and 10/28 centerline light circuits. KM Allen will provide one 20 amp regulator ($28,572.29) to replace the ADB regulator that powers runway edge light circuits. The current regulators were purchased in 1993 and are no longer manufactured and certain spare parts are no longer available. Replacement of ADB regulators with nextgen ADB regulators will avoid retrofit costs (approximately 20% of purchase price) associated with regulators produced by another manufacturer. SAC Airfield Maintenance Staff will install regulators. The 2013 budgeted amount for replacement regulators was $100,000. 


12.         Approve Purchase of Electronic Computer Instruction System (eCISTM) from AAAE in the amount of $150,000. The current employee safety and security training system we utilize needs to be updated. The system was designed for static training material that seldom changed. Because of this design, changes on the current system can take more than six months to implement.  The eCISTM will provide the necessary flexibility allowing the airport to make necessary changes in real time. The system is sole source, as it will use the same database as the current training system. This will allow the eCISTM to be integrated as a hybrid system into the airport’s training program. The system is 100% funded by PFC, as it relates to specific movement requirement training outlined in Part 139. The system price covers the following items:


·      System design, installation, and testing.

·      (1) Server, (4) workstations, and software.

·      (4) Training modules, which include; movement area driver training, airfield inspection training, Part 139 safety and security training, and non-custom authorized signatory training.


13.         Approve contract with Trison Services, Inc. in the amount of $638,505.66 for the Terminal Building and Concourse Fiber Optic Cable Plant Project. In a response to the ever increasing demands of airport customers, passengers, and tenants and the substantial growth in technological advancements, Staff initiated a five-phase plan to upgrade the SAC network infrastructure in 2012. This upgrade consists of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), complementary Wi-Fi service, and a new IP based telephone system. Based on the business model with the opportunity for the most revenue, Staff determined it would be best if SAC installed and owned the fiber infrastructure to support the new systems. The new fiber infrastructure would be installed as phase two of the IT upgrade, and completed in 2013. The Project consists of the installation of single and multimode fiber optic cable, patch panels and equipment racks, and cisco network switches. The switches and fiber will be installed in key locations throughout the airport, to create a fiber footprint that will act as a data transmission source for the new systems. The 2013 budgeted amount was $481,339. Due to changes in the fiber specifications and the significant price increase of the network switches, the project is over budget. The budget estimate used indoor fiber for the pricing, but upon further review, it has been determined that the project will need indoor/outdoor fiber. URS estimates that SAC will generate a minimum of $83,000 annually from the DAS and Wi-Fi systems supported by the fiber project. The revenues generated will pay for the project in eight years. Since the budget estimate is lower than the actual cost, it will take an additional two years for the system to pay for itself. The following bids were received:


(D) Trison Services, Inc., Savannah, GA


(C) W.W. Gay Fire & Integrated System, Jacksonville, FL


Electricom, Inc., Paoli, IN

No Bid

FiberTech, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

No Bid

Network Cabling Infrastructures, Inc., Buford, GA

No Bid

R. Roese Contracting Co., Inc., Kawkawlin, MI

No Bid

The ComTran Group, Inc., Buford, GA

No Bid

(C)  Indicates Non-Local Minority    (D) Indicates Non-Local Non-Minority


14.         Approve Engineering Services Contracts with URS Corporation, Reynolds, Smith & Hills and Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Per the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), we issue a Request for Proposals for Engineering Services, as required by the FAA, every five years. Four responses to our recent RFP were received:

·    URS Corporation

·    Reynolds, Smith & Hills

·    The Michael Baker Group

·    Pond Company


The Selection Committee reviewed the proposals and selected RS&H, Baker and URS for interviews. After the interviews, it was determined that the selection committee was evenly split between the three finalists. While we have historically selected two companies, it is not uncommon for airports to select three or more. Therefore, Staff and the selection committee recommend selection of these three companies to provide on call A&E services for the next five year period. Projects will be assigned based on the expertise available related to each project at the given time and through the negotiation process pursuant to FAA Guidelines.


15.         Approve Amended Air Service Development Program. In 1997, the Savannah Airport Commission approved its first Air Service Development Incentive Program. The plan offered $50,000 in marketing assistance for any new or additional flights into SAV.  The plan was one of the first of its kind offered by small or regional airports, and in the following year we secured air service from Continental Airlines, and then United Airlines the year after that. The program was updated in 2010, when it was determined that our package was lagging behind what similar sized airports offered as incentives. We added the option to cover ground handling at cost, which was useful in securing service from Allegiant Airways.  The trend in incentive packages is continuing to evolve, and in order to remain competitive with other airports it is again time to make some adjustments. Staff recommends the following changes/additions to the SAC Air Service Incentive Program:



·      Marketing assistance for an additional year to a new entrant carrier offering service to a new location not currently being serviced.

·      Include an option to offer incentives for seasonal service from an incumbent or new entrant carrier that offers service to an international destination.



·      Add the option to include ground handling at no cost for two years to a new entrant carrier that offers service to locations not currently being served by an incumbent carrier at SAV.


These changes/additions are consistent with FAA Guidelines for airports.



16.         Calendar of Upcoming Events

Sep 4

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Sep 22-25


ACI-NA Annual Conference

San Jose

Oct 2

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Nov 6

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Nov 21

10:00 am

SAC Budget Workshop

Dec 4

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Dec 4

5:00-8:00 pm

SAC Holiday Reception


17.         Executive Session – Personnel

18.         Adjourn