Preliminary Agenda set for April 10, 2013 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

April 8th, 2013

April 10, 2013

1.    Call to Order by Chairman Formey
2.    Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – March 14, 2013
3.    Recognition of Visitors
4.    Length of Service Award(s): Truong Pham – 10 years

5.    First in Service:   Angela Brackett

6.    Hilton Garden Inn Honor

7.    Recognition of GaANG ARFF and SAC Airfield Crew Response to Aircraft Incident

8.    Recognition of Delta Airlines for Significant Achievement of Star Status in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program

9.    Jamerson Singleton, SSU Intern


10.    Runway 10-28 and 1-19 Rubber and Paint Removal/Repainting, City of Savannah Event No. 1116, $227,011.30

11.    Air Service Update & Execute Contract for Professional Services with Ailevon 

12.    Execute Concession Space Lease Agreement with Wright Square Antique Mall, LLC. 

13.    Execute Amendment No. One to Space Lease Agreement with Goodwill Industries of the

14.    Execute Space Lease Agreement with NEWZOOM, Inc.  NEWZOOM Inc. is requesting

15.    Name Old Gulfstream Road.

16.    SAV Weather Observers

17.    Video Wall -  Infax, Inc.

18.    Announcement
19.    Calendar of Upcoming Events
20.    Executive Session – Legal and Personnel Issues
21.    Adjourn