Preliminary Agenda set for August 7, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

August 3rd, 2012


August 7, 2012

1.                Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.                Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – July 11, 2012

3.                Recognition of Visitors

4.                First in Service Award(s):  Jeffery Walker

5.                Length of Service Award(s):    Rhonda Daniels - 5 years


6.            Approve Ticket Lobby Design Fee Proposal. RS&H has provided SAC with a fee proposal of $102,669 to provide concepts and design services for the upgrade to the ticket lobby. The ticket lobby upgrades are part of the Airport Modernization Program; however, new passenger processing technology and procedures will require more than just a facelift of the ticket lobby. Industry trends require airports to create free-flowing passenger processing environments where self-check-in and virtual-check-in technologies are maximized. Airlines are projecting that more than eighty percent of their customers will use self-check processes over the coming years. This project will result in the transformation of our ticket lobby to meet the new and future out- bound passenger dynamics. RS&H is one of SAC’s two engineers of record and has a team with significant experience in new and future passenger processing design.

7.            Request Approval to Contract with MetLife and National Vision Administrators for Employee Benefits. In order to ensure SAC employees receive the best possible benefits, at a competitive rate. Staff has continued to review SAC’s benefits programs. Seacrest Partners, SAC’s insurance broker, has gone out with RFPs for Life Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance.

The stipulation was made that any of the proposals had to match or exceed existing benefits. MetLife provided a proposal that was able to meet or exceed SAC’s requirements for the Life Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and the Dental Insurance. While the actual savings to the Commission of $1,738 per year is not a large amount of money, it does provide the ability to control benefits. The premiums for the Life Insurance are guaranteed until January 1, 2015. The premiums for the Long Term Disability insurance are guaranteed for two years.

The dental insurance will also be provided by MetLife. SAC’s dental insurance is paid 100% by the employee. The rates provided by MetLife would be lower than existing rates now provided by United Concordia with one exception; the Family coverage under the plus plan with MetLife would cost the employee approximately $1.30 more per week. The MetLife coverage offers braces to adults and children in both the Plus and Basic plan. The current plan offers braces to children under 19 in the Basic Plan only. The premiums for the dental insurance are guaranteed for one year.

Vision Insurance – SAC’s vision insurance is paid 100% by the employee. SAC would remain with the current carrier, National Vision Administrators (NVA). NVA has offered a lower rate than SAC presently has, with no change in the coverage. The lower rate will save SAC employees approximately 6%. The premiums for the vision insurance are guaranteed for four years. These changes would go into effect January 1, 2013.

8.             Execute Supplemental Agreement No. One to Space Lease Agreement with Transportation Security Administration (TSA)/General Services Administration (GSA). The TSA has requested to lease an additional 409 square feet of office space on the third floor of the terminal building. The space was formerly occupied as an office for the Airport Police. In addition, this amendment rectifies a discrepancy in the total square footage of leased space held by TSA. They now lease a total of 7,767 square feet and pay monthly rent in the amount of $19,634.62. The effective date of the additional leased space is August 1, 2012, with a termination date of June 30, 2019.

9.             Execute Wheelchair Services Agreement with DAL Global Systems, LLC dba United Air Lines (United Express). The original contract for Wheelchair Services was executed with Delta Air Lines in May of 2012. The remaining airlines are now completing the legal review of the document and submitting executed agreements for approval and signatures by the Savannah Airport Commission. The start date for the new Wheelchair and Passenger Support services was July 1, 2012.


12.        Sequestration Report

13.         ACI Grass Roots Campaign

14.         Calendar of Upcoming Events

Sept 5

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Sept 9-12


ACI-NA/World Conference & Exhibition

Calgary AB Canada

Sept 19

10:00 am

Air Service Workshop

HHI Marriott

Oct 10

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Nov 7

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Dec 5

9:00 am

SAC Meeting


15.        Executive Session – Personnel

16.         Adjourn