Preliminary Agenda set for June 6, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

June 1st, 2012


June 6, 2012

1.                Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.                Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – May 2, 2012

3.                Recognition of Visitors

4.                Length of Service Awards:     Joanne Mueller – 10 years

Melanie Freeman – 5 years


5.                Request Approval of Fee Proposal from Greenline Architecture in the amount of $31,000 for Renovation of the Visitor Center and Baggage Claim Areas as Part of the Airport Modernization Program. The project scope includes the continuation of the interior design and concept development to renovate the lower level Visitor Center. Redesign of the brochure display racks will be part of the project as well as recarpeting the entire lower level of the Airport baggage claim, replacement of wallcovering and painting, and consideration of lighting at the Visitor Center.

6.                Request Approval of Public Address System Phase II Upgrades with Altel Systems Group, Inc., in the amount of $175,055. The Phase II upgrade consists of the replacement of 35 existing microphone stations and other components of the Altel/IED legacy public address system in the airport terminal building. The Phase I, completed last fall, upgraded system amplifiers and added line array speakers in Savannah Square. Microphone components in the public address system are currently analog. The Phase II upgrade will complete the system upgrade to digital. The FAA approved PFC 8, Amendment 1, on May 3, 2012, authorizing $148,957 (85%) for this system upgrade.

7.                Replace Shattered Skylight Glass-Terminal Building, City of Savannah Event No. 54, $31,000.Recommend approval of contract with W. S. Nielsen Company, Inc. in the amount of $31,000.00 to Replace Shattered Skylight Glass – Terminal Building. This project consists of replacing seven (7) cracked glass sections in existing skylights on the roof of the main terminal building. The installer must be a qualified glass installer with five (5) years or more experience installing glass skylights and particularly barrel-type skylights. W.S. Nielsen has previously done work on the skylights in the terminal building. Budget:  $50,000

(D) W. S. Nielsen Company, Inc.

Alpharetta, GA

$  31,000.00

(D) Indicates non-local non-minority

8.                Amendment No. 1 to Supplemental Agreement No. 5, URS Corporation, $24,940.Request approval of Amendment No. 1 to Supplemental Agreement No. 5 with URS Corporation in the amount of $24,940.00 for services to include the preparation and/or revisions of construction plans, specifications, reports, and related services.  Supplemental Agreement No. 5 was approved by the Commission at the December, 2009 meeting to include preparation of plans and specifications for Runway 10-28 Re-lighting, sealing joints between the asphalt shoulders and concrete pavement on the airfield, replacement of failed concrete slabs on ramps and taxiways, two AOA access gates, and one AOA access road to include security and access control. Due to the condition of the Runway 10-28 lighting circuit, it was decided to include this phase of the project in the electrical and lighting work being done by the North Aviation Development contractor which would expedite completion of the work and minimize any potential failures of the lighting circuit. The remaining work included in the scope of Supplemental Agreement No. 5 will be amended to include the construction of a perimeter roadway around Runway 1. The perimeter roadway will allow fuel service vehicles a safe route between the East and West Quadrants of the airfield without having to cross active runways or enter designated critical areas for certain aircraft approaches. Amendment No. 1 to Supplemental Agreement No. 5 will also include revisions to update the original plans and specifications.

9.                Approve Funding for Airport Portion of Equipment Cabinet Modifications for AT&T Switch Gear not to exceed $45,000. In order to resolve the ongoing issues associated with AT&T wanting switch gear equipment cabinet and cable easements in the Gulfstream development area, the three parties involved arrived at a shared-cost solution for the hard costs related to the necessary modifications required to keep the equipment in place. AT&T has provided a worst-case estimate of $135,000 for this work. This would result in each party being responsible for up to $45,000. Staff does not anticipate the cost to be that much; however, in order for the project to move forward at this time, it is necessary for SAC to approve funding. The issues with the cabinet modifications have been a very lengthy process, this approval will allow Gulfstream to now move forward with work that has been delayed in the vicinity of the cabinets. Request approval of funding for 1/3 of the cost of the cabinet modification in a not to exceed amount of $45,000.

10.            Execute Easement Agreement with Georgia Power Company for Gulfstream Operations in the North Aviation Development Area (NAD). Georgia Power is requesting that an easement be granted allowing them to access a thirty foot wide easement across properties leased to Gulfstream for distribution service to Building Y in the NAD area. The document has been reviewed and approved by Gulfstream, Georgia Power Company, and the City Attorney. Gulfstream has provided an executed Consent Form as confirmation of their approval. Recom

11.            Execute Easement Agreement with AT&T for Gulfstream Operations in the NAD. AT&T has requested that an easement be granted allowing them to access their underground service lines and equipment cabinets on property leased to Gulfstream for service to Building Y in the NAD area and existing property to the north and west. The agreement has been negotiated and approved by Gulfstream, AT&T, SAC Staff, and the City Attorney.

12.            Execute Space Lease Agreement with The Savannah Bank, N.A. The Savannah Bank, N.A. is requesting to lease approximately 5.0 sq. ft. of space on the concourse of the Airport terminal building for the installation and operation of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The lease will begin upon execution with an initial term of one year, until May 31, 2013, with annual automatic renewals. The agreement can be canceled by either party at any time with thirty (30) days written notice. Savannah Bank will pay rent to the Commission in the amount of $600 per year for the space.

13.            Authorize AIP GRANT No. 3-13-0100-053-2012.Staff requests authorization to accept an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant Offer No. 3-13-0100-53-2012 from the FAA in the amount of $9,767,652 for the following projects:

Construct New Electrical Vault-NAD:                      $   562,183

Extend Taxiway A & Site Mitigation Costs NAD:    $9,205,469 (entitlements & disc)

The amount includes $6,000,000 in discretionary funds and $3,767,652 in entitlement funds for 2012.


14.            Curbside

15.            Pay-on-Foot Stations

16.            SAC Employee Health and Wellness Program

17.            Calendar of Upcoming Events

June 9-13


AMAC Conference - St Louis

July 11

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Aug 1

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Sept 5

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

18.            Executive Session – Personnel

19.            Adjourn