Preliminary Agenda set for March 14, 2013 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

March 8th, 2013


March 14, 2013

1.          Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.          Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – February 13, 2012

3.          Recognition of Visitors

4.          Length of Service Award(s):        Jack Tucker – 5 Years



5.          Approve Participation in the Visit Savannah Advertising Campaign in the Amount of $120,000.

6.          Execute Contract for Professional Services with Ailevon Air Service Consulting, LLC.


7.          Request Approval of Contract with BRW Construction Group, LLC in the Amount of $36,605 for Building 760 Grinder Pump System Project.


8.          Request Approval of a Contract with Brooks-Berry-Haynie Associates, Inc. in the Amount of $249,204 for the Construct Midfield Runway Visual Range (RVR) Project.


9.          Request Approval of Georgia Department of Transportation Land Purchase in the Amount of $15,970 for an “Option for Right of Way.


10.       Approve Assignment and Assumption Agreement with United Airlines, Inc.


11.       Request Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Space Lease Agreement Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Inc.


12.       Execute Hangar and Land Lease Agreement with Southern Aviation Parts & Service, LLC.


13.       Execute Comfort Letter Crossroads Pointe, LLC d/b/a Holiday Inn Express.



14.       Space Lease – Business Center

15.       Insurance Renewals

16.       VIP Parking

17.       U.S. DOT Airline Report Data – SE Region

18.       House Bill 176 BILD Act Update


19.       Calendar of Upcoming Events

20.       Executive Session - Personnel & Litigation


21.       Adjourn