Preliminary Agenda set for May 2, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

April 30th, 2012


May 2, 2012

1.            Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.            Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting - April 11, 2012

3.            Recognition of Visitors

4.            Introduction of Meghan Dunn, SSU Management Intern

5.            Length of Service Awards:Lalosa Burton - 10 years

Eleni Elling - 10 years


6.            Execute Easement Agreement for Gulfstream North Aviation Development Operations with Georgia Power Company. Georgia Power is requesting that an easement be granted allowing them to access a thirty foot wide easement across properties leased to Gulfstream for distribution service to Building Y in the North Aviation Development Area. Gulfstream has approved the Easement Agreement with Georgia Power. The Agreement is SAC’s standard accepted Easement Agreement.

7.            Execute Amendment No. One to Space Lease Agreement with Micasa, Inc. MiCasa leases one office in the Airport Business Center on the second level. At the request of the Airport, MiCasa, Inc. has agreed to change the term of its Space Lease Agreement to a month-to-month basis. The term of the original Agreement commenced on August 1, 2011, and would not terminate until July 31, 2013.

8.            Consent to an Assignment and Assumption Agreement of Space Lease Agreement with Micasa, Inc. MiCasa notified the Airport that it has sold interest in the company to a new health care provider, CalleVinas, Inc. The new provider is requesting that the existing Space Lease Agreement be assigned to CalleVinas. The provider has executed SAC’s standard form for Assignment and Assumption of their Space Lease Agreement.

9.            Approve Small Business Enterprise Program Policy with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In keeping with the FAA’s new requirements, Staff has drafted a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program to be filed with the FAA in addition to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) plan. Staff requests the Commission review and approve the new policy.

10.         Execute Space Lease Agreement with The Savannah Bank, N.A. The Savannah Bank, N.A. requests to lease approximately 5.0 sq. ft. of space in the Airport concourse for the installation and operation of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The lease will begin upon execution with an initial term of one year, until May 31, 2013, with automatic annual renewals. The agreement may be canceled by either party at any time with thirty (30) days written notice. Savannah Bank will pay annual rent to the Commission in the amount of $600 for the space.

11.         Execute Space Lease Agreement SunTrust Bank. SunTrust requests to lease approximately 5.0 sq. ft. of space in the Airport concourse for the installation and operation of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The lease will begin upon execution with an initial term of one year, until May 31, 2013, with annual automatic renewals. The agreement can be canceled by either party at any time with thirty days written notice. SunTrust Bank will pay annual rent to the Commission in the amount of $600 for the space.

12.         SAC Office Renovations, City of Savannah Event No. 314, $47,001. Request approval to enter into a contract with National Office Systems in the amount of $47,001.00 for the SAC Office Renovations project. This project consists of, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor and materials to supply and install modular partitions with electrical and data hardware per the plans and specifications. The 2012 budgeted amount is $40,000. The following bids were received:

(B)  National Office Systems

Savannah, GA


(D) CNB Construction

Savannah, GA

No Bid

(E ) Collins Construction Services, Inc.

Savannah, GA

No Bid

(D)  Joe Marchese Construction, LLC

Pooler, GA

No Bid

(D) Modern Business

Savannah, GA

No Bid

(B) Indicates Local Non-Minority, (D) Indicates non-local non-minority, (E) Indicates Woman owned

City of Savannah Purchasing followed the purchasing procedure for the receipt of a single bid and held the bids for an additional week. No other bids were received. Recommend approval.

13.         Relocate Perimeter Security Fencing, City of Savannah Event No. 315, $37,500. Request approval to enter into a contract with T&T Fencing Co. Inc., in the amount of $37,500 for the Relocate Perimeter Security Fencing project. This project consists of, but is not limited to, the installation of approximately 2,130 linear feet of 8’ high fencing with three strands of barbed wire, replacement of one 20’ wide gate (2 – 10’ leafs), removal of approximately 2,130 linear feet of existing fencing, and all other work associated with the project as shown on the plan drawings. The project was budgeted at $50,000. The following bids were received:

(D) T & T Fencing Co., Inc.

Waycross, GA


(D) Savannah Fence & Entry Systems.

Pooler, GA


(D) Dixie Fence & Kennel, Inc.

Douglas, GA


(E) First City Utilities, LLC

Savannah, GA


(D) Armstrong Fence Company

Jacksonville, FL

No Bid

(D) Commercial Fence Contractors, Inc.

Summerfield, FL

No Bid

(D) Savannah Fence & Entry Systems.

Pooler, GA

No Bid

(D) Indicates non-local non-minority, (E) Indicates Woman owned

14.         Extend Contract with The LPA Group Inc. In June 2011, SAC hired the consulting engineering firm The LPA Group Inc., to furnish a dedicated full-time Resident Inspector (RI) to report to SAC Staff and provide full-time construction inspection services for the FAA funded North Aviation Development Project. The contractor on this project, McLendon, has submitted a revised schedule indicating a new project completion date of February 24, 2013. Considering the significant extended period involved, the schedule is presently under review with URS and SAC Engineering Staff. While Staff hopes to arrive at a more reasonable project end date, SAC has committed to LPA that it would notify them of our need to extend the RI services contract by June 1, 2012. As such, we recommend approval to extend the contract with LPA through the end of February 2013 as a not to exceed extension. The extension language will allow SAC to terminate the contract if the project is completed at an earlier date. The proposed extension represents a maximum seven month extension at the monthly contract rate of $36,200 for a not to exceed amount of $253,400. The extra costs associated with the services will be funded through AIP grants for the NAD project.

15.         Approve Airlines Services Contract for Wheelchair Operations. Over the past several years, Staff has met with the airlines on numerous occasions regarding complaints associated with response time for wheelchair requests. The airlines presently contract with Delta Global Services (DGS) for this service and for curbside and bag claim sky cap services. Due to reduced demand, Delta recently announced that they would be discontinuing curbside check-in operations. This will in effect reduce the number of DGS employees on each shift and as a result, denigrate the wheelchair services even further. With this in mind, Staff has worked with the Airlines to develop a service agreement for SAC to assume wheelchair operations at a breakeven cost. This services contract will improve the customer service for all wheelchair bound passengers.

16.         Approve Conference/Meeting Facility Needs Assessment Study in the amount of $35,000. Members of the Savannah Aviation Village Hotel Owners Group created a committee to work with Staff to determine the feasibility of a conference/meeting facility on Airport property to fill a void in the group-market niche. The committee has advised Staff that the hotels receive numerous inquiries from groups but lose business due to the lack of an adequate meeting facility nearby. Toward this end, the committee has provided SAC with a fee proposal from PFK Consulting to perform an in depth assessment and feasibility study to a) determine if a meeting/conference facility would benefit the Aviation Village and b) if so, define the type of facility that would be required. PFK Consulting is a national firm of consultants who provide a wide range of services to the hospitality, tourism and real estate industries. The fee proposal for this study is $35,000. In addition to addressing the hotel owner issues, this study will address SAC’s strategic plan related to building an event facility at the airport.

17.         Request approval of Air Service Industry Update/Workshop with LeighFisher in the amount of 26,000. The study will explain the dynamics of the current airline situation and the impact on small hubs such as SAV. Provide an analysis of historic/current/future traffic in relation to SAV’s benchmark airports. Discuss the cyclical nature of this business as it relates to the potential for new entrants as the legacy side gets top heavy. Discuss airfare methodologies relative to what we are seeing in SAV (e.g., hub premiums, role as leisure/business travelers). Discuss Southwest/JetBlue business models and plans and the effect that may have on service to SAV. Discuss opportunities for SAV relative to air service and airfares. The information will be delivered in an executive briefing format to SAC and our stakeholders along with any associated data and requested information.

18.         Approve Additional Section H to Airport Rules and Regulations – Foreign Trade Zone. Upon the recommendation of the City Attorney, an additional Section H has been drafted to be included with the newly-updated Airport Rules and Regulations concerning the operations of the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) by the Airport. This Section incorporates the basic language as set forth in the Ordinance and Amendment to Part 4, Public Services, Chapter 7, International Airport. .


1.            Hotel/Rest Proposal

2.            GA DOT Economic Impact Study for GA Airports

3.            Open Records/Meeting Law Changes

4.            Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station Inquiry

5.            Calendar of Upcoming Events

May 3-7


Savannah Tall Ships Challenge

May 20-22  SEC AAAE Conference - Savannah

May 20

6-7:30 pm

Opening Reception With Exhibitors

May 21

9-9:15 am

Opening Ceremonies

May 22

6-10:30 pm

Host Event

June 6

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

June 9-13


AMAC Conference - St Louis

July 11

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

Aug 1

9:00 am

SAC Meeting

6.            Executive Session – Personnel

7.            Adjourn