Preliminary Agenda set for October 10, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

December 5th, 2012


October 10, 2012

1.                Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.                Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – September 6, 2012

3.                Recognition of Visitors

4.                First in Service Award(s):                   APD Officer Charles Jackson

5.                Length of Service Award(s):              Willie Brown               15 years

Sue Fields                     5 years

Kisha Mitchell              5 years

Andy Singhas                5 years

Norman Whipple          5 years

6.                Recognition of Beanie Barbie for 10 Years of Service as an Airport Ambassador.

7.                Recognition of Airfield Operations Department for “16 Years of Excellence” in FAR Part 139 Certification Inspections.


8.               Approve Resolution to Transfer Governance of the Foreign Trade Zone Grant to the World Trade Center; a Division of the Savannah Economic Development Authority. At the September meeting, the Commission tabled the Resolution to Transfer Governance of the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) to the World Trade Center (WTC). Since that meeting, Staff has met with the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) to ensure that some of the concerns SAC has regarding FTZ customers that currently operate subzones in other areas will be properly managed. The WTC Board has indicated that they will employ SAC’s Director of the FTZ Ralph Maggioni so that a smooth transition is made. Additionally, SEDA is already discussing uses of the FTZ with clients. WTC Chairman Eric Johnson and SEDA Vice President Brynn Grant will attend the October SAC meeting to answer questions. Recommend approval.

9.                Request Approval of SAC 401k Plan. Staff has received an additional report for the Defined Benefit Plan which indicates that the total plan is currently $89 million underfunded with SAC’s portion being $6 million. The annual cost of the Airport’s contribution to the plan is currently 11% with each employee contributing 6.65% of payroll. The amount of the Airport contribution has continued to escalate each year, and in addition, the underfunded portion has continued, and is projected to continue, to increase which will result in escalating costs. Staff recommends discontinuing the Defined Benefit Plan to new employees and that a 401k be offered to all future employees with a match of up to 6% of payroll. All current employees will have the option of freezing their current Defined Benefit Plan and joining the 401k. Further, employees with less than five years employment will have the option of moving current contributions into the 401k. The Commission will match their contributions with a growth rate as established by the plan. Recommend approval.

10.        Approve Change Order No. 4 with McLendon Enterprises, Inc. for the North Aviation Development Project (NAD). Because of unusual and unforeseen subsurface conditions in the location of the underpass for Gulfstream Road to pass underneath the extension of Taxiway “A” to SAC’s north property, the contractor has requested compensation for extra time, testing, and materials on the NAD project. Staff is currently negotiating with the contractor concerning claims and meeting with design engineer URS to come up with a recommended settlement with the contractor. If the settlement is reached before the Commission meeting, Staff will present the Change Order for SAC approval. If an agreement is not reached, Staff will brief the Commission during Executive Session.

11.            Approve Funding for Traffic Signal Installation on Airways Avenue at Gulfstream Road in the amount of $80,365. Due to accident history and increased traffic volume, a traffic signal is needed at the intersection of Airways Avenue and Gulfstream Road. Gulfstream is installing traffic signals at their new entrance. Per our request, they have agreed to have their consultant design and the contractor install the traffic signal at Airways Avenue for SAC subject to our agreeing to pay for the associated costs. Recommend approval.


12.            Approve Fee Proposal with John Ruth and Associates, LLC in the amount of $181,800 for the Rental Car Service Center Upgrades. Staff has reached an agreement with the rental car agencies to upgrade all rental car service center facilities to “as new condition”. The upgrades will include replacement of roofs, air conditioning, wash racks, repaving of parking lots, exterior painting, etc. The upgrades will be covered with funding from Customer Facility Charges (CFCs) currently collected by the rental car companies. The current balance of this fund is $950,000. Staff estimates the total project cost to be $2 million. The Commission will fund the remaining balance which will be paid back within two years through future CFC Collection. John Ruth is our architect of record and will prepare all plans and specifications and monitor completion of all the upgrades. Recommend approval.

13.            Approve Contract with C. Merrill Construction, LLC in the amount of $74,800 for the Aircraft Wash Rack Project Event No. 616. This project consists of providing all labor and materials to construct a wash rack to include, but not limited to, concrete demolition, concrete construction, water and sewer connections, electrical controls and service, and associated appurtenances. Budget:  $115,058.



Total Bid

(D) C. Merrill Construction, LLC

Metter, GA


(E) Collins Construction Services, Inc.

Savannah, GA


(E) Pioneer Construction, Inc.

Savannah, GA


(D) Dabbs-Williams General Contractors, LLC

Statesboro, GA


(D) TIC (The Industrial Company)

Savannah, GA


(D) Baker Infrastructure Group, Inc.

Garden City, GA

No Bid

(D) Cleland site Prep, Inc.

Bluffton, SC

No Bid

(D) East Georgia Steel Structures, Inc.

Statesboro, GA

No Bid

(B) Indicate Local Non-Minority; (D) Indicates non-local non-minority; (E) Indicates Woman owned


Recommend approval.

14.            Execute Amendment No. 2 to Space Lease Agreement with Logistics Group, Inc. Logistics Group has requested to expand their leased premises in Bay 6 of the Air Cargo Building to include the entire bay area. The space lease agreement for Bay 6 originally began in August 2011, and is a month-to-month lease. This amendment will be effective as of September 1, 2012, increasing the leased space to 2,932 sq. ft., for which Logistics Group will pay $1,466 per month. Recommend approval.

15.            Approve Power Easement for Relocated Pipemakers Canal with Georgia Power Company. Georgia Power Company has requested an easement to provide and maintain power lines in the areas of the Pipemakers Canal relocation. The easement contains SAC’s standard language with additional provisions inserted to address access into the sterile areas under this easement as well as possible future relocation of either Pipemakers Canal or the easement. The easement has been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney. Recommend approval.

16.            Approve Proposal Financial Advisor. For many years the Commission used Merrill Lynch for the replacement and purchase of certificates of deposit through the working capital management account. Soon after the purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, our account was transferred to the Atlanta office. Staff was not satisfied with communications with the Bank of America office or with their reporting and handling of SAC funds. Staff developed an RFP for a Financial Advisor and received proposals from the following companies: