Preliminary Agenda set for September 6, 2012 Savannah Airport Commission Meeting

September 4th, 2012


September 6, 2012

1.                Call to Order by Chairman Formey

2.                Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – August 7, 2012

3.                Recognition of Visitors

4.                First in Service Award(s):  Joanne Mueller

5.                Length of Service Award(s):    Regina Fisher – 5 years

6.                Airport Evaluation


7.             Approve Contract with Collins Construction Services, Inc. in the amount of $378,040 for the Visitor Center and Baggage Claim Upgrades Project Event No. 617. This project, which is part of the Airport Modernization Program, consists of various upgrades to the level one baggage claim area. These upgrades include demolition work, painting, new carpeting, new visitor center millwork, miscellaneous gypsum board metal stud construction, plus miscellaneous electrical work. This project will also include signage for the Airport Art Gallery. Budget:  $376,000 (estimate).



Base Bid

Additive Alternate

Total Amount Bid

(E) Collins Construction Services, Inc.

Savannah, GA




(E) Pioneer Construction, Inc.

Savannah, GA




(D) BAK Builders, LLC

Statesboro, GA



No Bid

(D) Dabbs-Williams General Contractors, LLC

Statesboro, GA



No Bid

(D) Dixie Contract Carpet, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL



No Bid

(D) H & H Carpets, Inc.

Warner Robins, GA



No Bid

(B) National Office Systems

Savannah, GA



No Bid

(B) Indicate Local Non-Minority; (D) Indicates non-local non-minority; (E) Indicates Woman owned


8.            Approve North Aviation Development – Chatham County Land Disturbance Activity Permit in the amount of $38,000. Due to the lengthy environmental permitting process in order for SAC to meet the initial aggressive schedule for the North Aviation Development (NAD) project, it was necessary to make application for the Federal, State, and City permits as soon as possible. All the permits were secured before work began. When the aviation manufacturing area was de-annexed, the Federal and State permits still applied because the airport is the property owner. The City approved the work in the area that was de-annexed, but City approval does not carry over outside the City’s jurisdiction, and Chatham County requires a County Land Disturbing Activity (LDA) Permit for the 12 acres of wetlands being filled in the de-annexed area. The County’s Land Disturbing Activity Permit requires an NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permit and a County Development Permit. Permit fees are as follows:  NPDES Permit fees are $40 per acre for the 12 disturbed acres which equals $480 (which has already been approved and paid). Chatham County Development fees are $3,000 per acre for the 12 disturbed acres plus a $2,000 base fee which comes to $38,000. 

9.             Execute New Airline Operating Agreement with GoJet Airlines, LLC.GoJet Airlines, LLC operates as an affiliate airline to Delta Airlines. As such, SAC requires an Airline Operating Agreement. As an affiliate, they do not lease any space at the terminal and they pay only landing fees and common area charges. The term of the agreement will end December 31, 2012, and will automatically renew for one-year periods.

10.         Execute Amendment No. One to Lease and Concession Agreement with Kelly Tours/K Shuttle. Kelly Tours is requesting permission to amend their Lease and Concession Agreement to expand their shuttle services to include several hotels in downtown Savannah. They propose to offer shuttle service from the airport to several downtown hotels for a discounted rate, leaving the airport every hour on the hour from 6:00 a.m. through midnight, seven days per week. In addition, they are requesting to lease additional counter space on Level One, occupying approximately 455 sq. ft., for which they will pay $455.00 per month. The changes to their agreement will be effective October 1, 2012.

11.         Approve Power Easement to Lighting Vault, North Aviation Development with Georgia Power Company. Georgia Power has requested an easement to provide and maintain power lines to the new electrical vault in the North Aviation Development area. The easement is SAC’s standard, approved easement language.

12.         Execute Land Lease Agreement with Nopetro, LLC. NoPetro is requesting to lease approximately 1.64 acres of land (some of which is leased to Associated Transport Inc.) in the southeast quad of the Airport at the southwest corner of Davidson Drive and Dean Forest Road (Georgia Highway 307) for the construction and operation of a compressed natural gas service facility. The lease will run from Date of Beneficial Occupancy (DBO) for an initial term of five years, with four 5-year renewal options. NoPetro will pay a minimum annual guaranteed rent based on 10% of the appraised value of the property ($100,000 per acre) or a percentage of revenue, whichever is greater. The initial percentage amount will be 2.9%, escalating 0./5% per year until it caps at 4.9%, the same rate paid by our other convenience stores/fueling facilities. Staff recommends conditional approval subject to the following:

a.)    Arriving at a mutually acceptable land parcel description

b.)    Arriving at acceptable easement provisions with the GA Department of Transportation and utilities

c.)    Final concurrence with Associated Transport for land lease reduction

13.         Execute Easement Agreement with Atlanta Gas Light. Atlanta Gas Light has requested an easement to run service lines to the new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facility of NoPetro at the corner of Dean Forest Road and Davidson Drive. The agreement is currently undergoing Staff and City Attorney review for final approval. Recommend conditional approval subject to City Attorney’s review.

14.         Approve Resolution to Transfer Governance of the Foreign Trade Zone Grant to the World Trade Center; a Division of the Savannah Economic Development Authority. On August 23, 2012, Staff met with the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) concerning the transfer of governance of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 104 to the World Trade Center (WTC). The Executive Director has been working with SEDA on the transfer since we discontinued the warehouse activity which was tied to the FTZ operations. The FTZ is used as an economic development tool which better suits the mission of SEDA and the newly formed World Trade Center. Now that the World Trade Center concept is established, it is a logical time to execute the transfer. The operation of the FTZ is not part of the core mission of the Airport. It would be better utilized by the WTC where it would be of greater value to the community. Director of Foreign Trade Zone 104 Ralph Maggioni will continue for some time to assist the WTC with the management transition to the WTC’s Staff. He has done an excellent job and the FTZ currently has a positive cash flow which should continue in that manner. Staff recommends approval of the Resolution by the Commission to request transfer of the FTZ Grant by the U.S. Foreign Trade Zones Board to the WTC as of January 1, 2013. The World Trade Center Board and SEDA will approve this action upon the U.S. Foreign Trade Zones Board approval.

15.            Request Approval of Employee Assistance Program with MetLife. The basic Employee Assistant Program offered through the current Met Life plan does not include "face to face" meetings with a counselor. The addition of this feature will cost an additional $.03 per employee. SAC currently pays $35 per employee per year for this benefit.

16.       Approve Airport IT Upgrade Restructure and Design Cost with URS Corporation in the amount of $91,764. After reviewing the completed Master Plan and examining business models adopted by other Airports, staff believes that the Airport will benefit more if we install and own the supporting infrastructure (backbone) for the new systems.  As a result, Staff is recommending a new business model and a restructuring of the upgrade phases.


Original Business Model:  Each of the new or upgraded systems would be installed separately by different providers at little or no cost to the Airport, with the exception of the telephone system.

·         Provider pays for the infrastructure and system

·         Provider maintains ownership

·         Provider receives most of the revenue

·         Airport benefits from the services provided by the systems


Original upgrade phases:  Each system installed separately

·         Inventory & Fiber Master Plan Development

·         Broadband Internet Connection

·         Shared Use Distributed Antenna System (SU-DAS)

·         Wi-Fi Upgrade

·         Telephone System


Proposed Business Model:  The Airport provides the infrastructure necessary to support each system and then solicit proposals for a provider to install and maintain the combined systems. 

·         Airport provides the infrastructure (Costs more initially to install)

·         Airport maintains ownership of the infrastructure (backbone)

·         Airport receives most of the revenue


Proposed phase restructure: The Internet Connection, SU-DAS, and Wi-Fi phases are combined and maintained by one provider.  Having one provider responsible for all systems creates a single point of contact for any system issues.  The telephone system would remain separate because it will be maintained and used mostly by SAC employees. 

·         Inventory Fiber Master Plan Development

·         Terminal Fiber Plan (Backbone)

·         Broadband Internet Connection, SU-DAS, Wi-Fi

URS estimates that it will cost $481,339 to build the necessary infrastructure.  This cost will be placed in the budget for 2013.  There is a possibility that a portion of this cost may be PFC eligible.  The revised design cost for the proposed project, excluding the telephone system, is now $162,790 opposed to $167,186, of which $71,026 has already been approved.  This leaves a remaining balance of $91,764, for system design. URS is our Engineer of Record and has qualified staff to assist and oversee this project.  2012 Budget amount remaining $108,974.


17.       Approve FAA Design Review Reimbursable Agreement for Midfield RVR not to exceed $30,000. SAC had previously approved funding of $30,000 for FAA services required to perform a review of a design package, including drawings and specifications, provided by SAC for the establishment of an FAA NAVAID facility (a Midfield RVR) at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. To ensure conformance to FAA design standards, the FAA and SAC now need to enter into a separate reimbursable agreement to cover the implementation of FAA’s portion of the project which is to oversee the construction and installing the equipment. There will be a separate SAC contract to prepare the site which is also budgeted. The fully-loaded estimated FAA cost associated with this Agreement is $175,000. SAC is required by FAA to prepay the entire estimated cost of the Agreement. The cost estimates contained in the Agreement are expected to be the maximum costs associated with this Agreement, but may be modified to recover the FAA’s actual costs. RVR project budget is PFC $613,352. 

18.       Approve Amendment 1 to AIP Grant No. 3-13-0100-053-2012 awarded May 31, 2012. In order to redirect unused entitlement funds to the North Aviation Development (NAD) project from a prior year (2010) grant. Staff requests authorization to accept Amendment 1 to the current Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant Offer No. 3-13-0100-53-2012 from the FAA in the amount of $366,590 for the extension of Taxiway A. These funds became available as a result of the estimated closeout of the G/A Connector Taxiway and Site Development Project.


19.       Update - Pipemakers Canal

20.       RFP Financial Advisor

21.       Calendar of Upcoming Events

Sept 9-12


ACI-NA/World Conference & Exhibition

Calgary AB Canada

Sept 19

10:00 am

Air Service Workshop

HHI Marriott