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School Music Days

More than 1,000 students from area schools will perform at Savannah/Hilton Head International this holiday season as part of the airport’s twenty-second annual School Music Days. The schools will perform on the following days in Savannah Square. The Savannah Airport Commission will validate parking for any parents who wish to attend their child’s performance.

Monday, Dec. 3rd10:00-10:30 amBroad River Elementary Starfish Singers
Monday, Dec. 3rd11:00-11:30 amWhale Branch Middle School Steel Band
Monday, Dec. 3rd12:00-12:30 pmSavannah Arts Academy Orchestra
Tuesday, Dec. 4th10:00-10:30 amGarrison School for the Arts (5th-6th Grade)
Tuesday, Dec. 4th11:00-11:30 amMay Howard Elementary School
Tuesday, Dec. 4th12:00-12:30 pmJoseph Shanklin Chorus
Wednesday, Dec. 5th10:00-10:30 amHeard Elementary Singers
Wednesday, Dec. 5th11:00-11:30 amWest Chatham Elementary School
Wednesday, Dec. 5th12:00-12:30 pmLangston Chapel Middle School Chorus
Thursday, Dec. 6th10:00-10:30 amSt. John Academy
Thursday, Dec. 6th11:00-11:30 amGodley Station Stallion Choir
Thursday, Dec. 6th12:00-12:30 pmWest Chatham Middle School
Friday, Dec. 7th10:00-10:30 amBloomingdale Elementary School Chorus
Friday, Dec. 7th11:00-11:30 amHubert Middle School Band
Friday, Dec. 7th12:00-12:30 pmRice Creek Chorus
Monday, Dec. 10th10:00-10:30 amEbenezer Elementary Chorus (4th-5th Grade)
Monday, Dec. 10th11:00-11:30 amMarshpoint Elementary School Chorus
Monday, Dec. 10th12:00-12:30 pmDeRenne Middle School Concert Band
Tuesday, Dec. 11th10:00-10:30 amEbenezer Middle School Symphonic Band
Tuesday, Dec. 11th11:00-11:30 amSavannah Adventist Christian School
Tuesday, Dec. 11th12:00-12:30 pmEast Broad Street Chorus (7th-8th Grade)
Tuesday, Dec. 11th1:00–1:30 pmClaxton Elementary School
Wednesday, Dec. 12th10:00-10:30 amSnelson-Golden Middle School
Wednesday, Dec. 12th11:00-11:30 amGadsden Elementary School
Wednesday, Dec. 12th12:00-12:30 pmIslands High School – Bravura & Bella Voce
Wednesday, Dec. 12th1:00–1:30 pmEast Broad Street School 5th Grade Chorus
Thursday, Dec. 13th10:00-10:30 amGarden City Elementary School
Thursday, Dec. 13th11:00-11:30 amHesse 6th Grade Chorus
Thursday, Dec. 13th12:00-12:30 pmButler Elementary School Chorus
Friday, Dec. 14th10:00-10:30 amEffingham County Middle Symphonic Winds
Friday, Dec. 14th11:00-11:30 amStep of Faith Christian Academy
Friday, Dec. 14th12:00-12:30 pmDeRenne Middle School Chorus
Friday, Dec. 14th1:00–1:30 pmBrooklet Elementary School
Monday, Dec. 17th10:00-10:30 amCharles Ellis Montessori Academy
Monday, Dec. 17th11:00-11:30 amJacob G. Smith Elementary Chorus
Monday, Dec. 17th12:00-12:30 pmSavannah Classical Academy
Tuesday, Dec. 18th10:00-10:30 amGarrison School for the Arts (7th-8th Grade)
Tuesday, Dec. 18th11:00-11:30 amRiverview Charter School (6th Grade)
Tuesday, Dec. 18th12:00-12:30 pmGuyton Elementary School