TSA Checkpoint Hours of Operation

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Saturday: 3:45 AM - 9:30 PM Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 3:45 AM - 8:30 PM
Please allow extra time for parking and plan to arrive at least 2-3 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Tips & FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my flight information?

It is recommended that all passengers contact the airlines for the latest and most up-to-date flight information via their apps.

A list of airlines serving SAV and their contact information can be found here

Please click here for Arrivals and Departures information.

What is the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport three-letter airport code?
SAV is the three-letter identification airport code assigned by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.
What is the airport's address?
Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
400 Airways Ave
Savannah, GA 31408
What are the ID Requirements for children under 18?

TSA does not require children under 18 to provide identification when traveling with a companion within the United States.

Contact the airlines for questions regarding specific ID requirements for travelers under 18, especially for international travel. 

Does SAV have a Known Crew Member Lane?

Yes. The Known Crew Member Lane is to the left of the checkpoint. 

What time does the airport open and close?
The main terminal building at the Airport is open 24 hours a day. For TSA Checkpoint Hours of Operation, please click here.
Are dogs allowed at the airport?

Dogs must stay in their carriers while at the airport unless they are using a pet relief area or they are a certified service animal. 

Service animals are defined under Title II and III of the ADA. Service animals are limited to dogs.

Are Luggage Carts Available?

There are free luggage carts available, and they are staged strategically throughout the baggage claim and parking deck. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Are military families provided access to the gate?
Upon arrival, customers can check with the passenger’s arriving or departing airline for a military family member gate pass.
How do I obtain a gate pass to accompany my minor to his/her gate?

Please visit the airline’s ticket counter to request a gate pass. Gate passes are issued at the airline’s discretion. 

How can I contact Savannah/Hilton Head International if I have a question not listed here?
Please call (912) 964-0514 or email the airport at [email protected].
How early should I arrive before my flight?

We recommend arriving at least 2-3 hours prior to your scheduled flight time for parking, check in and passing through security check point. Please check with your airline for further arrival information.

Read Here an article by USA Today Travel – A Cautionary tale: Why you should arrive early at the airport

What are my parking options at the airport and how much do they cost?
Savannah/Hilton Head International offers several parking options, including valet parking service with drop off on the upper level, a Long Term/Hourly parking garage adjacent to the terminal building and an Economy parking deck and surface lot located behind the Long Term/Hourly garage parking. The terminal building is quickly reached by both parking areas. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.
How do I get to the Value Parking Lot?

The Value Lot can be accessed from Airways Avenue and Patrick Graham Drive. It is located directly behind the long-term parking deck and is roughly 878 feet from the terminal building. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.

How far is the Value Lot from the terminal building?

The Value Lot is roughly 878 feet from the terminal building. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.

How far is the Overflow Parking Lot from the terminal building?

The Overflow Parking Lot is roughly 878 feet from the terminal building. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.

Can I leave my car keys so someone else can pick up my car?

It is recommended that you valet park your car and take a picture of your valet ticket for the person picking up your car. 

What are the hours of Valet Parking?

Valet Parking is open from 4:30 am – 12:30 am for both pick-up and drop-off services.

Can someone else pick up my Valeted car?

Yes, as long as the person coming to pick up the vehicle has their driver’s license and a picture of the valet ticket.

Can I make parking Reservations?

Parking at SAV is first come first serve and parking fees are different for each lot. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.

What do I do if I lost my parking ticket/stub?

When you reach the parking exit plaza, please go to the first booth on the left and present your boarding pass to the parking attendant and they will assist you. To review a complete list of the parking rates and map of the parking areas please click here.

Are there any restaurants or food court available?

Savannah/Hilton Head International has several shopping and dining options available. Please visit our Shops & Dining page for further information. 

What time do most of the restaurants close?

Restaurant hours of operation are listed on our website. Vending machines are available after hours.

What security regulations should I be aware of before I travel, and what items have been banned from my carry-on luggage?
Please check the Transportation Security Administration’s website for the most current updates on prohibited items and regulations by clicking here.
What ground transportation companies are authorized to pick up passengers from the terminal?
Local ordinance requires that all ground transportation companies be authorized by the Savannah Airport Commission in order to conduct business in the terminal. The Commission is pleased to authorize dozens of transportation companies to assist the traveling public in reaching their destination. While the Commission does not recommend one company over another, we have nonetheless provided a list of authorized companies for your use. This list is available by clicking here.
Is there a shuttle available to take me to Hilton Head Island?

Please click here for a list of Ground Transportation companies that serve the airport. You can travel by ride share, rental car or taxi to Hilton Head Island.

When we arrive in the airport, where can we go to find information about the area, a schedule of events, brochures and maps?
The staff at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Visitor Information Center can handle any visitor’s informational needs. Using mapping software, the staff can create custom maps to any destination within North America. The Visitor Center also has the largest collection of brochures in the region. A calendar of events is also available upon request. The Visitor Information Center is conveniently located in baggage claim on Level 1 of the terminal. More information about these services is available by accessing this link.
How do I contact the Airport Lost & Found Department?
You can contact the Airport Lost & Found Department by calling (912) 964-0514 or by clicking here.
How far is my destination from the Airport?
The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is in a great location for sightseeing. The terminal is just 20 minutes away from Historic Savannah, 45 minutes away from Hilton Head Island, 45 minutes away from Parris Island Marine Corps Base and less than 2 hours away from the Golden Isles and Charleston. Feel free to stop by the Visitor Information Center (located in baggage claim) when you arrive for directions and further information to your destination.
Do we need to rent our own car if we are staying in downtown Savannah?
Most of the downtown attractions are within walking distance of each other. Unless you plan on visiting attractions outside the downtown area, you probably will not need your own transportation.
Does the Airport offer WiFi?

Yes, free WiFi is available at Savannah/Hilton Head International. The network is flySAV.

Does the Airport offer wheelchair assistance?

SAV does offer wheelchair assistance. Arrangements must be made through the airline that you are traveling with. Please contact your airline at their reservation number for further assistance. Click here for a list of airlines serving SAV.

Is Curbside Parking allowed?

No. The curbside can be used for immediate loading and unloading only. Strict federal security directives prohibit parked or unattended vehicles on the roadways in front of airport terminals, even for a short time. Unattended vehicles may be ticketed and towed.

Here are a few tips for making your trip to SAV a smooth one:

  • It sometimes takes a little while for bags to make it from the airplane to the baggage carousel. Curbside parking in front of the terminals is prohibited, so make sure your traveler has retrieved his or her bags and is waiting outside the terminal before pulling curbside. 
  • You may pull to the curb in front of a terminal only long enough to drop off or pick up a waiting traveler. 
  • Free luggage carts are conveniently located near the baggage carousels and bringing all the suitcases out to the curb at one time eliminates the need to make multiple trips inside to retrieve baggage. 
  • When picking up, the traveler must be waiting outside the terminal before you pull curbside; parking your vehicle at the curb while you wait for arriving travelers to emerge from the terminal is not allowed.
  • Plan to use the cell phone lot and wait for a call from the passenger that they are waiting to be picked up curbside. 
  • Be sure to exchange cell phone numbers. This way, your traveler can call you when they land so that you can time your arrival and avoid having to circle the roadway.
  • Be sure you have your traveler’s flight number and check its status before heading to the airport.
  • If you are coming from a distance, plan to park at the airport and wait inside.
Why is my plane waiting on the ramp when there is an empty jetbridge nearby?

The airlines lease gate space and cannot interfere with another airline’s operation by simply parking at another airline’s gate. When there are delays at the gate, it is best to reach out to the airline directly via their mobile apps, social media or their websites for questions.

The airport does not manage airline operations. Passengers should contact the airline for questions concerning delays. 

What time should I plan to arrive for my flight?

Plan to arrive at least two hours prior to your flight. During peak travel periods, plan to arrive at least two-three hours prior and allow extra time for parking. 

Does SAV offer luggage storage?

SAV does not offer luggage storage. Some hotels will offer this service and store luggage for their guests. 

I lost my license or my license is expired. Can I still travel?

For identification requirements, please visit the TSA website. 

I need help with my luggage. Do you offer assistance?

We offer baggage carts located curbside, parking and in baggage claim. 

What airlines fly out of Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport?
Please view our Airlines page to see the most up-to-date flight list and route map.

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