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March 4, 2020
1. Call to Order by Chairman Green
2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting February 10, 2020
3. Recognition of Visitors

4. Recommend Approval to Procure YCD Cnario Software and Hardware from Infax, Inc., $119,355.00
5. Recommend Approval of Two Co-Op Advertising Campaign Partnerships with the Hilton Head Island – Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, $300,000.00
6. Recommend Approval to Execute a Contract with CHA, Site Clearing Areas T, U, V & Parking Improvements, $66,500.00
7. Recommend Approval to Execute an Underground License Agreement with Georgia Power Company, Gulfstream Cafeteria
8. Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. 14 to Lease and Concession Agreement with Paradies Savannah, LLC
9. Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment No. 3 to the Concessions Space Lease Agreement with Luxottica Retail North America, Inc. d/b/a Sunglass Hut
10. Recommend Approval of Annual Retainer with Wiseman Blackburn, LLC, $48,000.00
11. Recommend Approval to Procure Two (2) Half-Ton Pickup Trucks from Alan Jay Automotive, $46,892.00
12. Recommend Approval of a Contract with Boiler Equipment Company for Kewanee Boilers Upgrade, $68,400.00
13. Recommend Approval to Procure One (1) Three-Quarter-Ton 4×4 Pickup Truck with Service Body from Roberts Truck Center, $36,380.56
14. Recommend Approval to Procure a Primary Chill Water Pump Replacement from Mock Plumbing & Mechanical Inc., $57,000.00
15. Recommend Approval to Procure One (1) 4×4 Cab Tractor from Blanchard Equipment, $79,915.79
16. Recommend Approval to Procure Three (3) Mid-Size SUV’s from Alan Jay Automotive Management, $93,489.00

1. Properties Updates
• Insurance Renewals
• RFP – Airport Property Appraisals
2. Terminal Apron Expansion Update
3. Part 139 Full Scale Exercise
4. Coronavirus Update
5. Calendar of Upcoming Events
6. Executive Session – Personnel, Real Estate, & Litigation