TSA Checkpoint Hours of Operation

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Saturday: 3:45 AM - 9:30 PM Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 3:45 AM - 8:30 PM
Please allow extra time for parking and plan to arrive at least 2-3 hours prior to scheduled departure time.
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May 8, 2024
1. Call to Order by Chairman Green
2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings
3. Recognition of Visitors
4. Notable Mentions
5. Length of Service Awards

1. Recommend Approval to Ratify the Acceptance of Airport Infrastructure Grant Offer No. 3-13-0100-079-2024 from the Federal Aviation Administration, in the Amount of $7,230,276
2. Recommend Approval to Procure One Wheelchair Aircraft Lift from Lift-A-Loft Acquisition, Inc., in the Amount of $141,895
3. Recommend Approval to Fund an Additional Year of the Professional Services Agreement with Carol Holladay & Associates, in the Amount of $96,000
4. Recommend Approval to Execute a Contract with Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC., for the Temporary Ground Boarding Walkways Project, in the Amount of $1,412,910
5. Recommend Approval to Enter into an Agreement with Leidos, Inc. for the Security Checkpoint Project, in the Amount of $93,100
6. Recommend Approval to Execute Change Order No. 6 with Collins Construction, Inc. for Additional Work Related to the Terminal Security Checkpoint Expansion Project, in the Amount of $67,765
7. Recommend Approval to Renew the Annual License Subscription for M-Files from Laminin Solutions for a 1-Year Period, in the Amount of $25,645
8. Recommend Approval of the Commission’s Agreement Share for City Works License Renewal with Azteca Systems, LLC, in the Amount of $54,400
9. Recommend Approval to Purchase Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, Licensing, and Installation Services from DISYS Solutions, Inc. dba DSI Tech, in the Amount of $185,258
10. Recommend Approval to Procure One ADA Transit Shuttle Bus from Model 1 Commercial Vehicles, Inc., in the Amount of $108,370
11. Recommend Approval to Renew the Public Address System Platinum Assurance Plan Agreement and Upgrades for Two Years with ALTEL Systems Group, Inc., in the Amount of $117,470
12. Recommend Approval for the Lifecycle Replacement of One Bucket Truck from One Nation Distribution, LLC., in the Amount of $149,890
13. Recommend Approval to Execute Amendment Number One to the Land Lease Agreement with Enterprise Leasing Company

1. Public Comments
2. Air Service Update
3. Calendar of Upcoming Events
4. Executive Session – Personnel, Real Estate, & Litigation