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The Savannah Airport Commission will hold its Regular Monthly Commission Meeting in the Commission Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Main Terminal at 9:00 a.m. March 3, 2021
***In-person attendance is restricted to
Commissioners and Staff***
The public may access the meeting at:
United States: (786) 535-3211
Access Code: 116-047-493

March 3, 2021
1. Call to Order by Chairman Green
2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting February 3, 2021
3. Recognition of Visitors

4. Recommend Approval to Participate in the 2021 Visit Savannah Co-Op Digital Advertising Campaign, in the amount of $200,000.00
5. Recommend Approval of a Targeted Marketing Campaign with Expedia Group, in the amount of $100,000.00
6. Recommend Approval to Execute a Contract with Erickson Associates, Inc. for the Lifecycle 750-Ton Chiller Replacement Project, in the amount of $514,000.00
7. Recommend Approval of a Five-Year Office 365 Service Subscription Agreement with Microsoft Corporation, in the amount of $185,000.00
8. Recommend Approval to Execute a Space Lease Agreement with Airport Terminal Services, Inc.

1. Letter of Support for SCCPSS Aviation Program
2. Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study Update
(Video Presentation)
3. Calendar of Upcoming Events
4. Executive Session – Personnel, Real Estate, & Litigation